Neighbourhood Guide 101: Spandau

Embracing the local culture and language is an important part of moving to a new country. The schools, universities, restaurants, cafes, tourist attractions, etc will all be an important part of settling in. The rural idyllic district of Spandau has a lot to offer to its residents and there is a lot for you to discover if you are just moving in. This guide is a compilation of the best information on housing, transport, education facilities, healthcare facilities, and entertainment in the Spandau district that was created to help make your move a little smoother and more organized.

The Spandau district lies in the westernmost part of Berlin and it extends along the bank of the Havel river. The borough is surrounded by water and green parks which makes it the perfect place for families, nature lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts. The borough of Spandau is the smallest in population with 245,527 inhabitants. The place also has a very rich historical background that goes back to the thirteenth century. Historical monuments like the Zitadelle Berlin and alleyways of the Kork Quarter give us a look into its Mediaeval European roots.

Demography of Spandau District, Berlin

Total population245,527
Area91.91 km²
Polulation density2700/km2
Annual population change1.3%
Male 120,270
Age group
0-17 years43,299
18-64 years148,669
64+ years53,559


Spandau is quite distanced from the inner city of Berlin. However, this district has its own urban, suburban, and rural localities to choose from. It is a popular housing choice for people who are on a budget. The scenic beauty of the lakes and parks also provides several outdoor activities that its inhabitants enjoy. You can rent flats in Berlin through Urban Ground.

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Trams in Berlin

The transport facilities in Spandau are well connected and the modes of transportation that you can find here are the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, bus, and tram.

  • Regional Train
    • S Spandau Bhf- RE4
    • S+U Rathaus Spandau- RE2, RB13, RE6
  • S-Bahn
    • S Spandau Bhf - S9
    • S+U Rathaus Spandau- S9
  • Subway ( U-Bahn)
    • S Spandau Bhf -U7
    • S+U Rathaus Spandau - U7
    • U Alstadt Spandau -U7
  • Bus
    • S Spandau Bhf- 134, 137, X33, M32, M36, 136, 135, 671, 130, M45,
    • S+U Rathaus Spandau - 137, 337, M36, X33, 134, M32, M36, 237, X33, 136, 130, M37, M45, 638
    • U Alstadt Spandau - X33
    • Spandauer Str./ Marienkirche- 200, 100
  • Tram
    • Spandauer Str./ Marienkirche- M4, M5, M6

Educational facilities

Kita (Kindergarten)

Student in a Kindergarten

You can enrol your child in any of these kindergartens to kickstart their academic life.

  • Kita Griesinger Waldfüssler

    A Kita where access to open play areas and open spaces help kids in developing community, new experiences, and discoveries. The concept of this daycare centre is open and children are taught in an age mixed group.

  • Kita Vogelnest

    Surrounded by green spaces and playgrounds, the Kita Vogelnest is a place where children can climb, run, jump, hide, dig and much more. Children with special needs are given intensive attention and care from experienced educators.

  • Kita am Wald

    The Kita am Wald is a daycare centre with a spacious outdoor play area and sports and play facilities. This kindergarten takes in 120 students from the age of eight weeks


Spandau has some of the finest schools in Berlin

  • International School Villa Amalienhof gGmbH

    If you are looking for a bilingual school where both German and English play equal roles then the International School Villa Amalienhof is the ideal school for you. The school also follows the international curriculum for a complete global schooling experience.

  • Paul-Moor-Schule

    The Paul-Moor-Schule of Spandau supports the development of social and cultural skills and the promotion of learning with the head, heart, and hand of students. There is a special place for cultural events in this school because it awakens the interest, talents, and skills of students.

  • Konkordia-Grundschule

    An elementary school that takes its motto of “ school as a living environment” very seriously. Various study groups such as football, choir, water polo, rowing, etc are offered in the school for the complete development of young children.

  • Peter Hartling Elementary School

    The Peter Hartling elementary school located on the outskirts of Spandau’s Neustadt district is an all-day elementary school that also provides supplementary support and supervision. An interesting feature of this school is that during the start of the school year the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades are taught together in a group.

  • Linden-Grundschule

    The Linden-Grundschule is an elementary school that is characterised by tolerance, mutual consideration and enabling every student to strive for the best performance.


These are the top universities in Spandau offering a range of courses

  • EIIE EURASIA Institute for International Education GmbH

    The Eurasia Institute offers programs for international students who want to study, work, and invest in Germany. The university accompanies and supports foreign students with language preparation, university internship, entrance exams, and study advice.

  • DHfPG - Studienzentrum Berlin

    The German University for Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) is a private university that offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in health management, fitness and sports economics, health management, fitness training, nutritional advice, and sports/health informatics.

  • Berlin University of the Arts

    The Berlin University of The Arts is the largest art school in Europe with a diversified population of 3,500 students. The university has 4 colleges that specialise in fine arts, media and design, architecture and music and performing arts.

  • The University of Europe for Applied Sciences

    A Private University that was formed in 2017 with the merger of business and information technology school and the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule. The university offers several undergraduate and post-graduate programs some of which are in English.


Leopard in Tierpark Berlin

The lush green parks of Spandau to relax after a tiring day

  • Landhausgarten Dr. Max Fraenkel

    Designed in 1925- 1933 by Erwin Barth for Dr Max Fraenkel, this park is a garden paradise that is now used by the pupils of Spandau for leisure activities. You can walk along the Havel river, enjoy the view of Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island) or stroll through the roses, meadows or vegetable garden.

  • Wröhmänner Park

    Go out on a little picnic with your family in the chill Wröhmänner Park. The large lake right next to the park provides a mesmerising view that can be enjoyed while feeding the ducks and the swans of the lake.

  • Südpark

    A long evening walk, a bike ride, or a friendly gathering near the waterfront are some of the activities that can be enjoyed in the Südpark. Popular among both tourists and city folks this park is usually filled with people taking a break from city life.

  • Spandauer Forst

    The animal lover in you will be happy to know about Spandauer Forst which is a natural reserve park that is home to rare animals and plant species. If you want to take a tour of the whole nature reserve, a hiking trail that begins on Schönwalder Allee and travels through the whole park could be the perfect answer.


The lakes of Spandau to sit by and spend some serene time

  • Badestelle Groß Glienicker See, Süd

    Considered one of the best lakes in Spandau, the Badestelle Groß Glienicker See is a clear shallow lake where you can swim or hide a paddleboat to travel further in the lake. The large playground and beach are great for a fun day out with kids.

  • Griebnitzsee

    Enjoy the scenic beauty of Griebnitzsee lake by taking a walk by the lakeside. The lake is very accessible because it is near the S-bahn.


The city will never get you bored, here are the top things to do at the weekend.

  • Cycle and Kayak Tour in the Tiefwerder Wiesen

    A recreational sports tour that will get your heart thumping and will also make you experience Berlin's interesting history of sports and industries.

  • Second-Hand-Kaufhaus Fundgrube

    If shopping is your jam then this second-hand shop is the destination for you. So many wardrobe gems can be found in this shop that even shop owners of more expensive second-hand stores shop from here.

  • Citadel Music festival

    Experience rock, pop, and electronic music during the Citadel Music festival that takes place every summer. The festival takes place on the old walls of the Renaissance Citadel building and creates an amazing ambience that attracts foreigners and locals alike.


hospital in sapndau

Premium and affordable healthcare options:

  • Vivantes Clinic

    The Vivantes medical clinic is a premium hospital that offers the best medical treatments with attention and sympathy. Its advanced medical technologies are what differentiates this hospital from the others

  • Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Havelhöhe Klinik für Anthroposophische Medizin

    The Havelhöhe hospital is an acute hospital that also serves as an academic teaching hospital. From emergency medicine to geriatrics this hospital has 14 specialist centres that cover a wide range of medical care services.

  • Evangelisches Waldkrankenhaus Spandau

    Evangelisches Waldkrankenhaus Spandau hospital is an academic teaching hospital that offers medical care in areas such as breast cancer, geriatric medicine, vascular disease, pediatric and adolescent medicine, pregnancy, birth and others.


Dive into history by visiting these museums in Spandau

  • Bundeswehr Military History Museum

    For the fan of aeroplanes, helicopters and air defence systems the Bundeswehr Military History Museum is a dream come true. The exhibitions show the aerial warfare of Germany from World War 2 and the Cold War and some even before that period.

  • Spandow City History Museum

    The Spandow City History Museum is located in the Spandau Citadel and its collection provides a look into the history of the city.

  • Gotisches Haus Museum

    The Gothic house is the oldest surviving townhouse in Berlin that is believed to have been built in the early 15th century. The historical exhibition in the Gothic house shows the history of the unique house and its architectural secrets.

Other Attractions

Walk through these historical places to get a glimpse of the charming old city.

  • Spandau Citadel

    The Spandau Citadel is Europe’s most well preserved Renaissance Fortress that has seen some major historical events such as the Thirty Years’ War and the War of Liberation. If you want to experience a grand celebration in this palace, the courtyards are rented out for celebrations and large events.

  • Spandau Old Town

    Both tourists and locals are equally fascinated by the old town charm of the architecturally historic site, Spandau old town. Now, converted into a pedestrian zone, in the old town you can roam around in the many shops of this area or catch a bite at the several restaurants and cafes.

  • Nikolaikirche

    If you are already in Spandau the Nikolaikirche church would be very easy to find as it is so nearby. This 750-year-old church has been through many historic events such as the bombing raids of the Second World War which had destroyed the church to its foundation.


Top cafes in Spandau to enjoy a hot cup of brew.

Cafes in spandau
  1. Florida Eiscafe

    The Florida Eiscafe of Spandau is an environment-friendly cafe that uses 100% biodegradable takeaway packaging. The cafe/ ice-cream parlour offers two different themes of ocean and forest at its two different locations to add extraordinary ambience to the place.

  2. City M&M Back Coffee and More

    One of the most popular and trustworthy confectionary shops in Berlin, the City M&M Back Coffee and More is an exemplary example of good service and good food. The cafe is always filled with the fresh aroma of baked bread and coffee which attack your taste buds as soon as you enter the cafe.

  3. KAFFEE 26

    A must-visit cafe in Spandau, KAFFEE 26 is well-known for its amazing coffee and cake option. The retro decor of this antique shop is also something that people cannot stop talking about.

  4. Cafe’ Lutetia

    Cafe’ Lutetia has everything that you need: good food- check, friendly staff- check, garden to enjoy your beverage- check, and a place that is open till late into the night- check.

  5. Cafe’ Barfly

    The Barfly is a classic cafe in Spandau that has created a name for itself because of its Culinary delicacies such as the Käsespätzle, delicious burgers and juicy steak all served with a draft beer or a glass of wine.


Restaurants in spandau

Some of the finest options for the foodie in you.

  1. Stilbrunch

    If sitting by the lake and enjoying German/Central European cuisine is your idea of paradise we don’t blame you. The Stilbrunch restaurant offers an amazing restaurant experience with its location on the island of Eiswerder on the Havel river and regional dishes that change with the seasons.

  2. The Pizza Club

    The Pizza Club is a Spandau must eat spot that offers superior quality Italian stone oven pizza made with the best products. Their famous dough recipe is a combination of the basic features of the classic pizza recipe from Naples and the Fabriano family recipe.

  3. Raj Mahaal

    Enjoy the rich taste of India with the Raj Mahaal restaurant in Spandau, Germany. With a range of exotic vegan and vegetarian-friendly options, this restaurant should be on the top of your must-visit restaurants.

  4. Restaurant Alt-Spandau

    The Restaurant Alt-Spandau is a family-run restaurant that serves Croatian and international cuisines. Because of its proximity to the Spandau old town, this restaurant is the perfect rest stop after you are finished shopping in the Spandau old town

  5. Ristorante Cappucino Spandau

    Enjoy your family dinner or date nights in the fancy Italian restaurant Ristorante Cappuccino Spandau. The cosy atmosphere and the pleasant ambience of the restaurant combined with its choice of select wines are the perfect treats for everyone.

This guide was created to help new inhabitants of Spandau in becoming familiar with the district and its various amenities. Hopefully, the recommendations in this guide have made your life in Spandau a little easier.

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