Neighbourhood Guide 101: Pankow

Are you planning to start a new life in Pankow Borough? Shifting to a new place is tiresome but we will make it easier for you. Let's understand the city, its significance, and mainly let's ease your stay by breaking down the everyday essentials, accommodation, transportation, eating junctions, and much more.

The Pankow borough, named after the Panke river, has become one of Berlin’s most popular neighbourhoods, notably surrounding the well-known southern neighbourhood of Prenzlauer Berg.

Pankow is one of the finest residential neighbourhoods and is popular because of its cleanliness and safety. There's a reason it's routinely ranked one of Berlin's most beautiful neighbourhoods. It has numerous gorgeous streets with art galleries, tiny shops, and concept stores that you may spend your weekends exploring

Demography of Pankow, Berlin
Total population64,945
Polulation density4000/km2
Annual population change1.2%


Neighbourhood Guide Pankow - Beautiful sunset skyline hiding behind modern buildings in Berlin

Pankow's district is divided into 13 quarters. Pankow has a diverse spectrum of residential zones, ranging from villa districts to traditional new construction regions with housing units to substantial and modern mixed complexes. You can rent your dream apartment through Urban Ground. You can book it online with the help of our easy digital leasing process. Visit our listed properties, book an appointment or take a 360 virtual tour of the apartment. Once you find the apartment you love, upload documents, digitally sign the rental contracts and pay advance and the apartment is yours'.


Modern Tram in Pankow, Berlin.

Pankow's transportation system is rather advanced. The U-Bahn Line 2, Tram Line M1, S-Bahn Lines 9 and 8, and several bus lines connect the area to the city centre, and your travel should take no more than 15–30 minutes. Car drivers have direct access to the Berliner Ring (A114).

The following transit lines have routes that pass near Pankow:

  • S-Bahn (Train)
    • S+U Pankow- S2, S8, S85
    • S Pankow- Heinersdorf - S2, S8
  • Tram
    • S+U Pankow - 50, M1
    • S Pankow- Heinersdorf - M1
    • Pankow Kirche - M1
    • Bürgerpark Pankow - M1
    • Rathaus Pankow - M1
  • U-Bahn (Subway)
    • S+U Pankow - U2
  • Bus
    • S+U Pankow - 50, 155, 250, 255, M1, M27, X54.
    • Pankow Kirche - 255, M1, 50, 250, 155
    • Bürgerpark Pankow - 250, 155
    • Rathaus Pankow - 250, 255, 155
    • Gewerbegebiet Pankow-Nord - 259

Educational facilities

Depending on the district, good schools and well-preserved historic buildings assure a long-term influx. Berlin, Germany's capital, is an incredibly appealing alternative for students, particularly foreign ones. The city is a popular study location because of its high-quality education and affordable living costs.


  • Kita Sonnenblume GmbH:

    This is a loving and friendly day centre that develops children’s intellectual abilities. It is located in Schönholzer Str. 4D, 13187 Berlin.

  • Kita Gänseblümchen

    This is a close-to-nature daycare centre that looks after 63 children of 1 to 6 years of age.There are amenities like an outdoor playing area, a kitchen garden, a small animal enclosure, a sports room, etc. that develop close relationships between children and nature.

  • Klax Kindergartens and crèches:

    Klax offers daycare centres that are based on the Klax pedagogy of focusing on individuality, creativity, and innovative strength. Five days a week five educational areas of drawing/painting, exercise, music, scientific and technological experience, and social relationships.

  • Waldkindergarten Pankow e.V.

    This kindergarten is another nature-based daycare centre where kids spend most of the day outdoors. Currently, it takes 40 children under its wing in two groups of U3 (under 3 years old) and Ü3 (over 3 years old).

Schools and kindergartens in Pankow


  • Klax Schule:

    Klax Schule is a private school that teaches bilingually in English and German from grade 1 to grade 7. They have primary, secondary, and upper secondary sections that teach key skills required by students in the 21st century.

  • Berlin Bilingual Secondary school

    A bilingual school for English- German students. This vibrant affordable school teaches from grade 1 to 13

  • Dreiens Grundschule

    This is an elementary school located in Bizetstraße 64, Pankow. The Berlin Curriculum framework with special attention to creative pedagogy is taught in this school.


Pankow is home to several Berlin universities. Pankow hosts multiple reputed universities such as

  • Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin

    Established in 1801 by Friedrich William III, the prestigious university offers 189-degree courses in various fields and is divided into nine faculties.

  • Bard College Berlin

    One of Germany's finest liberal arts private, non-profit colleges. It was established in 1999. The mode of instruction is English and students from around the world come to study here.

  • New York University Berlin

    The Berlin campus of NYU is located in Prenzlauer Berg. It is an amalgamation of NYU and Berlin’s cultural experience.

  • Berlin School of Law and Economics

    The prestigious college offers a variety of courses in fields like law, engineering, business administration, etc.

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping centres in Pankow
  • Kaufland

    Kaufland is a shopping centre situated in Pankow’s Rathaus centre that offers everything from groceries to fashion items. You can shop in this big supermarket for everything you want for a variety of prices.

  • EDEKA Kiezmarkt

    This neighbourhood shop is open from 7 am to 8 pm and offers products such as groceries, flowers, bakery goods, etc. There are several vegan vegetarian options available.

  • REWE

    In this big supermarket, you will find many services like a bakery, cheese counter, sausage counter, huge wine section, a large variety of vegan options, etc.


Hospital and health care centres in Pankow

Caritas-Klink Maria Heimsuchung

The church clinic is located in Breite Str. 46/47 that has nearly 11 departments compromising Anesthesia, intensive care, emergency medicine, Central emergency room, Heart and circulatory cardiology, etc.


The largest military treatment facility in Berlin serves both civilian and military patients. This hospital has a prominent rescue and emergency centre.

Park-Klinik Weißensee

This general hospital has 350 beds and 700 employees that offer both in-patient and out-patient care in Schönstraße 80, 13086 Berlin.

Weekend Getaways


Parks in Pankow - Beautiful spring trees, during a bright and pleasant afternoon

The Pankow district's character is shaped by green spaces. Some quarters are entirely rural, while many parks and green spaces in metropolitan areas are very lovely. In addition, some cemeteries serve as green landscapes in urban areas and cultural sites.

Anyone who wants to get away from the rush and bustle of the city and relax in the green spaces doesn't have to travel far.

Pankow has a plethora of nature reserves and floral gardens of particular interest.

Bürgerpark Pankow

Bürgerpark is Pankow's landmark park that serves as a home to a variety of trees like oak, maple, birch, Cypress, mulberry, and yellow poplar. A rose garden, built in the early 1990s is a charming feature of this park that has mini roses, climbing roses, hybrid tea roses, and shrub roses.

In the centre of the rose garden is a music pavilion where concerts are held in the summer months. The Rosenstein Cafe offers coffee, cakes, and sausages to relax and enjoy. For families with kids, there is a playground with a climbing ship and a farm for children that your young ones can enjoy.



The park is named after a former Communist leader Ernst Thälmann and is located in Prenzlauer Berg's centre. The area was a site of a former coal gas plant and now features public houses, a small theatre, and art galleries.

The park also has a bronze monument of Ernst Thälmann which is a protected landmark. The Zeiss Major Planetarium is one of the best planetariums in Europe that sees 90,000 visitors annually. The planetarium shows special exhibits, the latest discoveries, and educational programs.

Bucher Forst

The Bucher Forst is present in the town of Buch and it is a lush forest expanding 1000 hectares with 250 ha of high forest. It is a part of the Barnim Nature Park and is a great recreation area where you get a break from the rush of metropolitan life. The Bogenese, which is a lake here together with the Bucher Frost, forms the Bogenseekette und Lietzengrabenniederung natural reserve.

These are some of the green areas you might want to visit when you come to Pankow.

The Leise Park

The park in Heinrich-Roller-Straße contains sections of the former St. Marien and St. Nikolai II cemeteries, creating a new communal green space. The new design sought a universally recognized solution that would provide long-term benefits to the neighbourhood.

As a result, an active participation effort accompanied the planning process, providing the opportunity to build sound design principles and a solid implementation strategy in collaboration with neighbours, interested local institutions, and the in-charge authorities.



In Pankow, there are a few lakes and ponds that make for relaxing recreation spots. You can walk or go for a run near the lake paths. Relaxing in nature helps in slowing down moments and becoming more grounded.

  • Weiber See

    The Weiber See has a 1.3-kilometre road that surrounds the lake. This path offers several attractions such as a beach, rose garden, open-air theatre, wildlife sanctuary, sculptors, and Milchhäuschen restaurant. The floating foundation was made in 1969 and is a hallmark of Weissensee.

  • Arkenberger Baggersee

    You can go for a run or walk your dog in this popular spot. The lake is not open for swimming. In this place, you can alleviate stress in-between nature. In the 1970s the grounds of this region were mined for gravels for the nearby highway.

Famous Places

  • The Schönhausen House and Estate and the Schönhausen Palace Gardens

    The Schönhausen palace holds important historical and political value. Formerly the summer palace of the Prussian monarch and the residence of the head of state of East Germany, this palace is now a tourist destination that holds exhibitions.

  • Soviet Memorial in Schönholzer Heide

    A park that has been favoured by Berliners for family holidays since the nineteenth century. The memorial is the largest soviet cemetery in Berlin and also the largest Russian cemetery outside of Russia.

    The memorial was made for 13,200 of the 8000 soldiers that had died during the Battle of Berlin. The bronze tablets on the wall mention the name and ranks and birth dates of the identified soldiers. For a history buff, this place is a must-see.

  • Bösebrücke

    The historic bridge saw the first crack in the Berlin Wall on 9 Nov 1989 when jubilant East German citizens in the thousands crossed the Bösebrücke to go to West Berlin. In Dawid Bowie’s song, Where Are We Now, which is about his time in Berlin, this bridge has been mentioned. So, pay a visit to this site to feel its cultural and historical significance.

  • Mauerpark

    A former part of the Berlin Wall, in the Prenzlauer Berg district, the Mauerpark is now a popular tourist attraction. This place is enjoyed by various age groups and is an ideal place for family outings. If you visit this place during the weekends, you will find flea markets distributed and karaoke stages in this public park.

    The former war zone has been turned into a beautiful site by street artists who have made it into their open canvas. Visit this place to engage in Berlin’s culture with your friends.

  • Wassertum Prenzlauer Berg

    Completed in 1877, this water tower is Berlin’s oldest water tower. It was designed by Henry Gill and constructed by the English Waterworks Company and was in use until 1952.

    This magnificent architecture supplied water to the rapidly growing population of Berlin The water tower is located in Knaackstraße and Belforter Straße in the Prenzlauer Berg locality.

  • Kulturbrauerei

    25,000 square meters building complex in Pankow was originally a brewery. The unique monument is a well-preserved example of Berlin’s 19th-century industrial architecture.

    The building is located near the Eberswalder Straße U-Bahn station in the Kollwitz neighbourhood of the Prenzlauer Berg district. The cultural centre is supported by Treuhandliegenschaftsgesellschaft and has amenities like theatres, cinemas, clubs, etc.


restaurants in Pankow
  1. Ristorante Firenze

    The restaurant offers great Italian food, especially pizza and pasta. The service is top-notch and the prices are also affordable.

  2. Nguyen Kitchen

    The Vietnamese cuisine restaurant offers the best service and delicious foods. Sushi and some Thai options are also available, they serve the authentic taste of Asia in Berlin.

  3. La Paaz

    Fulfil your Mexican food desires in this tasteful restaurant. Decorated colourfully the venue offers a nice ambience with exquisite service.

  4. BIP- Bier in Pankow

    The Eastern- European style restaurant will make you lick your fingers with their amazing food that is also cost-effective.

  5. SeSteakhaus Stampedo

    This restaurant is a classic steakhouse that serves delicious meats and beer. You get the bang for your buck with the space and its service.


cafes in Pankow
  1. Stück vom Glück

    A cosy cafe that serves delicious cakes, bagels, coffees, and other breakfast options. There are vegetarian and vegan-friendly options also available. Located close to Bürgerpark, this place is a friendly and relaxing space for the people of Pankow.

  2. Milchmanns Kaffeehaus

    The Kaffeehaus is a rustic-chic designed cafe that offers amazing breakfast food that will be perfect for family breakfasts. A wide variety of cakes and drinks are served, however, the service might be a little slow.

  3. Unser Cafe

    A cafe and bakery that serves Deli, European, and Portuguese cuisines along with the common cafe foods. This chill cafe has both inside and outside sittings.

  4. Kiez Kaffee Kraft Prenzlauer Berg

    Enjoy this cafe with a warm ambience that offers amazing coffee and other food items. The banana bread is especially well-liked by its patrons.

  5. Cafe Haferkater, Mauerpark

    If you are looking for healthy breakfast options this is the place for you. The atmosphere is relaxed and the service is also very good.

We hope this blog has helped you to ease your life in the Pankow district of Berlin. These suggestions will help you in finding helpful amenities and save your time so that you can settle immediately after moving.

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