Neighborhood Guide 101: Mitte, Berlin

Are you freaking out about shifting to Mitte, Berlin? Don't worry! Mitte is home to a population of about 385,748 inhabitants with a population density of 9,810/km² and if you are going to be another inhabitant, then this blog post is just for you. We will help you in easing your stay in Mitte by clearing the everyday essentials of housing, transportation facilities, eateries, and much more.

Demography of Mitte, Berlin
Total population385,748
Polulation density9810/km2
Annual population change1.3%


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Clear sky and pleasant day in Mitte, Berlin

Neighborhood guide Mitte - Mode of commute in Mitte- buses, metro trains, and trams.

Transit lines that have routes that pass near Mitte are:

  • Trains -
    • Alexanderplatz - RE1, RE2, RE7, RB14
    • Friedrichstraße - RE1, RE2, RE7, RB14, RB21, RB22
  • S-Bahn -
    • Alexanderplatz - S5 ,S7, S9
    • Hackescher Markt - S3, S5, S7,S9
  • Subway -
    • U Stadtmitte - U2, U6
    • U Spittelmarkt - U2
  • Bus -
    • U Stadtmitte - 200, 265, N2, N6, U2
    • U Spittelmarkt - 200, 248, 265
    • Charité - Campus Mitte - 147
    • Goldenes Horn Mitte -282
    • Großbeeren, Märkische Allee Mitte - 600, 711
    • Alexanderplatz- U2, U5, U8
  • Tram -
    • Groß-Berliner Damm Mitte - M 17,61
    • Mittelheide - 62, 63

Educational facilities

Schools in Mitte, Berlin. School student in front of a board

In Berlin, all children older than the age of ten have to go to school. It is a child's right to attend school and it is provided free of cost.

Best school in Mitte


  • Nursery Rheinsberger Strasse

    This kita located in Rheinsberger Str. 34 offers small mixed-age group classrooms of 45 students. Before the classes start there is also a 20-week language project.

  • FRÖBEL-Kindergarten Charité Mitte

    FRÖBEL-Kindergarten Charité Mitte is a Kita that offers competent education to 70 children from childhood until they start their schooling.

  • Bilingual Nursery PhorMinis

    It is a nursery/day care centre that is a part of Phorms Campus in Mitte Berlin, that also has a primary and secondary school. This bilingual institution offers a German and English speaking community for kids from the age of 2.

  • Kindergärten City

    There are 56 kindergartens in Kindergärten City in several districts including Mitte. This kita teaches kids upto the age of 6 with the curriculum of the Berlin education program.

Private schools

  • Sprachinstitut Berlin: Deutschkurse & Englischkurse

    This institution offers a wide range of language, business, and communication training as well as intercultural training, which can be individually adapted as per the needs.

  • Phorms Bilingual School Berlin Mitte

    It is a private school that offers a bilingual community in German and English for children and young people from nursery and primary school to secondary school.

  • The Berlin metropolitan school

    the Berlin metropolitan school is an all-day school, allowing students from kindergarten through 12th grade to complete a value-based education.

Public schools

  • The Berlin Cosmopolitan School

    It is a non-profit school with a focus on science, music, and dance. It offers kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools.

  • Nelson Mandela school

    It is a public international school that provides quality bilingual education to children from a wide variety of backgrounds. English and German are the school’s official languages but NMS introduces its students to other cultural values and traditions as well.

  • Berlin Bilingual School

    It is a welcoming school with a friendly community and excellent student-teacher relationships. This school provides a good learning climate, proper social structure, non-violent communication, and affordability.

  • Heinrich- Hertz high school

    Is a grammar school with a mathematical and scientific focus. The school aims to provide a solid education in all subjects and also to equip students with specific knowledge and skills in science and mathematics.

  • Heinrich-Roller-Grundschule

    This school is awarded the title “Environmental school in Europe – International Agenda 21 school” in June 2008. Everyday school life at the Heinrich Roller Elementary School is shaped by the positive cooperation of the school management, teachers, educators, and parents.

Top universities

Humboldt University - Top universities list in Mitte, Berlin
Humboldt University

Humboldt university is ranked #78 among the best global universities based on its performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Berlin University of the Arts

Berlin university of art is one of the biggest universities in Germany. This university has four colleges dedicated to fine art, design, music, and performing arts.

Technische Universität Berlin

TU Berlin is a public research university located in Berlin, Germany. The university alumni and professor list include several US National Academies members, two National Medal of Science laureates, and ten Nobel Prize winners.


Best hospitals in Mitte, Berlin

Your health is of utmost importance and we have carefully curated this list of healthcare recommendations.

Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Europe's largest and most reputed university hospital. Established in 1710, this medical institution is Germany’s top research-intensive facility.


A multidisciplinary medical center, located at the center of Berlin in Friedrichstraße, 71 10117 Berlin. The main focus of the hospital is in the fields of cardiology, radiology, surgery, phlebology, and rehabilitation.

Park-Klinik Weissensee

Originated in 1899 and re-established in 1997, the multi-specialty hospital is located at Schönstrasse 80, Berlin 13086.

St. Joseph Krankenhaus

Berlin’s largest catholic hospital. The medical center specializes in the fields of pediatric surgery, pediatric and adolescent medicine, obstetrics, and the mental health of children and adolescents


A Protestant hospital with 8 specialist departments was established in 1931 in Berlin.

DRK Kliniken Berlin Mitte

The oldest hospital under the DRK sisterhood in Berlin. This hospital is located in Drontheimer Str. 39 – 40,13359 Berlin.

Weekend Getaways

Aerial view of a beautiful sunset in Mitte, Berlin

Do you want to take a break from your tiring work schedule and spend some quality time with your family? We have the perfect list of weekend getaways in Mitte!


Berlin's Unterwelten-Museum

The Berliner Unterwelten Museum is located at the Berlin Gesundbrunnen transport hub. The secret history of Mitte can be explored by descending into bunkers and tunnel systems. Throughout the year, Unterwelten-Museum gives seminars and offers numerous tours and exhibitions offering vivid insights into the work up close.

Various guided tours focus on the civilian air raid during the Second World War. On tours through the underground, we can encounter special historic features such as East Germany escape tunnels, ammunition findings, and archaeological treasures.

Labyrinth Children's Museum

The interactive exhibition of interesting urban planning and architecture is aimed at children between 3 and 11 years old. The museum which is Housed in a former factory building is a children's paradise with play areas, craft tables, and experiment areas - the choice is vast. The aim is to promote the cultural education of children through interactive exhibitions


Museum for bizarre objects showcases a surreal walkthrough of 100 years of industrial design. Old medical devices, unusual industrial objects, and everyday items that Vlad Korneev had collected from local flea markets and the city's cellars are exhibited in the museum. Among the 3,000 plus strange-looking industrial objects are dentist chairs, prostheses, lamps, and shop window mannequins. Visiting the museum will certainly be a curious treat for visitors.


Parks in Mitte, Berlin

Strandbar Mitte

This place will make you forget the city hustle and will make you enjoy your surroundings and the relaxed atmosphere. A good bar, reasonable prices, and yummy pizza make this spot perfect to chill with friends or family.

Lust Garten

The Lust Garden is perfect for a break after visiting the Museum's Island or Berlin Cathedral. It invites all those hungering for the sun to come and spend some time sunbathing. The biggest attraction of lust Garten is the granite bowl which weighs 70 tones and was brought to Berlin in 1828 on a boat.

The Monsterkabinett in Rosenthaler Straße

Monsterkabinett which translates to the monster cabinet is an art project with mechanical monster machines. All kinds of eerie ghosts and monsters made from paper Mache are displayed and performed for visitors. Artist Hannes Heiner tells stories inspired by the artist’s fantasy using creatures recycled from various waste materials with names like “Little Three-Eye”, “Orangina” or “Pippi”. This is certainly a NO-NO for the faint-hearted!

James Simon Park

This awesome park is under the railway spans. There are innumerable pubs, bars, and restaurants and in the summertime, they have lots of deck chairs outside where you can chill out. James Simon Park has stunning views of the famous Berliner Dom and Museum Island. Other attractions

Best Restaurants and Cafes

Are you a big foodie or fonder of the restaurant vibe? These are our top recommendations for eateries in Mitte, Berlin.


Top Cafes in Mitte, berlin

Café am Neuen See

It is one of the oldest and most well-known beer gardens in Berlin. It is located on a lake under tall trees and draws people in during the summer with its beer garden atmosphere.

1687 Restaurant & café

This tasteful and stylish restaurant is known for its Mediterranean cuisine. They have a pretty terrace which is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They provide hints of a few other international cuisines as well.

Zeit Fur Brot

This German café is vegetarian-friendly and provides a variety of vegan options. They offer a large selection of delicious bread and pastries and are a must-try if you are in Berlin.


This café is a vegetarian-friendly café with a variety of vegan options. Known for its European cuisines, KaffeeMitte has an amazing set of staff members, a beautiful ambiance, and perfect coffee

Café Datscha Mitte

This café has a wide variety of cuisines like European, Russian, Eastern European, and Gastropub. They have a special diet for people who prefer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Cafe Datscha is a cozy place with reasonable prices, a relaxed atmosphere, a chilled area surrounding, and nice bars adjacent.

Mokka Mitte Bar

Set under the S Bahn arches at the edge of Montbijou Park directly across the Spree from Museum Island, this cafe couldn't have a better location. This place will provide you with friendly staff, beautiful surroundings, comfortable, and lovely food. After visiting a museum, you can relax, enjoy meals or just coffee. This vegetarian-friendly café serves German cuisine.


Top Restaurants in Mitte, Berlin


If you are craving some good Indian or Asian cuisines then AMRIT restaurant is your option. This place is vegetarian-friendly and has vegan and gluten-free options as well. The restaurant is comfy and filled with plenty of colors. The atmosphere is great and will transport you to Asia straight away.


This tasteful and stylish restaurant is known for its Mediterranean This vegetarian-friendly restaurant will offer you multiple cuisines like German, European, and Central European. This restaurant is a perfect option for lunch and dinner and the staff is helpful and friendly.


This Italian restaurant is famed for its selection of fine meats. The exceptional menu features the bone cuts of beef imported from Italy that have been dry-aged for several weeks. The Vegetarians can enjoy its innovative dishes like courgette flowers with ricotta, tomato, and mint salsa.

The Tree

This is a relaxing restaurant amidst an urban forest famed for its handmade pressed noodles. This secret recipe is served in two variations, either in the “Dan-Dan style” with a sauce or as a soup in a broth. The menu is centered around cold starters and mouth-watering Chinese noodle dishes.

House of Small Wonder

With a Brooklyn vibe, this restaurant serves American-Japanese delicacies. Its "All Day Brunch" is a paradise for eating brunch all day long with a breakfast buffet. American classics with modern Japanese cuisine are prepared with great attention to detail.

BrewDog Berlin Mitte

Known for its bar, pub, and European cuisine, this restaurant is perfect if you want to spend a great night with your friends. The place has great food, beer, and lovely staff. This restaurant is a vegetarian-friendly place and is worth every single penny you spend.


Schnitzelei is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant that can provide you with gluten-free options as well. This restaurant offers cuisines such as Diner and German. The Schnitzelei is very large, has great service and atmosphere. But it is highly recommended to get pre-bookings done because this place is packed most of the time.

PHO-Noodle bar

This noodle bar is a beautiful place with a nice setting. The staff is kind and the service is efficient and fast. They have Asian, Vietnamese, and Healthy cuisine options. For people who look for vegetarian-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free options, PHO has a wide range of special diet options as well.

We hope that this blog has added some value to your new life in Mitte, Berlin. If these recommendations have made it easier for you to live in Mitte, do let us know.Cheers!

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