Neighbourhood Guide: Reinickendorf

The hardest part about moving to a new city starts even before you have arrived in the city. Because there are tons of things you have to finalise, even before lands such as locality, housing and basic amenities. Once you are in the new city you need to figure out other things such as places to hang out. If you are moving with a family then you should know about kindergarten, school, university admissions, etc. We are here to help. and because of that, we have created this Reinickendorf neighbourhood guide for you to ease your moving process.

The word variety describes Reinickendorf perfectly. Because it is a collaboration of six different villages. The neighbourhood is the perfect mixture of bustling industrial areas, leisurely parks, charming lakes, and beautiful homes.

Demography of Reinickendorf, Berlin
Total population266,123
Area89.5 km²
Polulation density3,000/km²
Annual population change0.88 %
Age group
0 - 17 years36,850
18 - 641,19,026

Housing In Reinickendorf

housing in Berlin

The Reinickendorf district was formed by the land reform of 1920 which combined six villages. Whether your choice is an apartment in the city or a quiet estate in a town, the Reinickendorf has it. The apartments are premium and well equipped. You can get both furnished and unfurnished apartments. You can even rent an apartment that comes with Anmeldung (address registration). That helps save valuable time as you don't have to go through a lengthy process of getting one.

Transportation In Reinickendorf


The public transport system in Berlin consists mainly of buses, trams, subways, and trains. The convenient transport features of Reinickendorf provide easy access to all inner city and outer city areas.

  • Train(S-Bahn):
    • S Alt-Reinickendorf - S25
    • Tegel station- S25
  • Subway(U-Bahn):
    • U Reinickendorfer Str. - U6
    • U Rathaus Reinickendorf - U8
    • S Alt-Reinickendorf - U8
    • U Alt-Mariendorf - U6
    • Alt-Tegel station - U6
  • Bus -
    • U Reinickendorfer Str. - M27,147,M20, N6, N20
    • U Alt-Mariendorf - 179,181,277,M76,M77,N6, N77, S2X, X71, X76
    • Friedhof Reinickendorf - 122
    • U Rathaus Reinickendorf - 221, X 33, 322, 220,
  • Tram -
    • Glienicker Str. - 68

Educational Facilities In Reinickendorf

Schools in Berlin. School student in front of a board

In Germany, the states handle the responsibility for most of these educational facilities, though there are some private institutes too. Here are some of the finest government as well as private educational facilities.

Best Kindergartens in Reinickendorf

Kindergartens or kitas are home for children in Berlin from their very early life until they start their schooling. Their primary functions are to prepare the kids for primary school by developing reading, writing, motor, and cognitive skills.

  • Kindergarten Alt-Reinickendorf

    In the hush-hush residential areas, surrounded by green spaces, parks, and playgrounds is the kindergarten Alt-Reinickendorf. The children here are taught to participate in various activities of their interests. They are encouraged to be imaginative and intuitive, be team players, and develop individually as well.

  • Kita Albatros

    The unique Albatros kindergarten is known for the cultural diversity of teaching and non-teaching staff. That encourages people of all cultures to send their kids here. Because of this, there are a variety of languages spoken here. The Kita is also very well connected to the neighbourhood youth centres, facilities, and primary schools.

  • Ev. Daycare Lutherhaus

    The Kita Lutherhaus is a Christian patron small kindergarten. Here children are cared for in a family environment with love, admiration, and trust. If you want to imbibe Christ’s values in your child with quality education, this is the kindergarten for you.

  • Ev. Kindertagesstätte Stegeweg

    The Kindertagesstätte Stegeweg is different from the other Kitas because of its small groups where teachers pay attention to each student and contribute to their holistic development. The Kita works based on the Berlin education system as well as imparts Christian education through Pastors.

  • Kita Kunterbunt

    Kita Kunterbunt maintains a good balance between academics and sports. They boost qualified educators and large playing areas for the children. The skillful teachers take care of tThe cognitive development of children. In addition to that, the large garden with sandboxes, gyms, and adventure platforms takes care of athletic development.

Best Schools

The schools of any country are where the future of that country is being built. The Berlin education system makes it mandatory for every child above the age of 6 to go to school.

  • Mark-Twain-Grundschule

    The Mark-Twain-Grundschule welcomes foreign children who have a language barrier in understanding German with its 2 welcome classes and other conveyor belts. A musical school and an all-day learning school is the category into which this primary school falls.

  • Elementary school Am Schäfersee

    The Schäfersee elementary school is a conducive environment for the education and social development of students, teachers, and parents alike. Inculcating the habit of reading in students is very important to this school and for this purpose, we have a reading club and an online reading portal too.

  • SIS Swiss International School Berlin

    The SIS Swiss International School is a bilingual school that develops a multicultural environment for the learning and development of students at an international level.

Top Universities

Famously known for its quality education, Berlin has the following universities in the Reinickendorf district.

  • Humboldt University of Berlin

    The Humboldt University of Berlin is excellent in the heart of Berlin where superior quality science and scientific research are taught. You can choose from a large variety of 190 courses that are internationally acclaimed in this university.

  • The UDK Berlin

    A career college covering the entire range of artistic subjects such as design, music, performing arts, dance, etc can be found in the Reinickendorf district in the form of the UDK Berlin.

  • German International University Berlin Campus

    The German International University Berlin is an English language school that strives for cooperation between the German and the International Community in the fields of science, technology, and economy.

  • IB-Hochschule Berlin

    The courses at The IB-Hochschule for healthcare professionals are based on active dialogues with doctors, clinics, educational policy, and professional associations.

Hospitals In Reinickendorf

Healthcare facilities are must-know places in any district whether you are staying for a short period or moving there forever. Because medical attention may be required at any unforeseeable time.

Vivantes Humboldt-Klinikum

The Vivantes Humboldt-Klinikum serves the location of Am Nordgraben and Oranienburger Straße in Reinickendorf. Multiple medical disciplines are present in this hospital that provide the utmost care and focus to its patients.

Caritas-Klinik Dominikus

Humanity inspired by charity care is provided in the prestigious Caritas-Klinik Dominikus hospital. Because they believe that only humanity makes it possible to practice good medicine. The features that differentiate this hospital from the others are the familiar and cordial care. They believe in proven and modern medical knowledge, along with its Christian and social beliefs.

Vivantes Prostatazentrum

The Vivantes Prostrata Zentrum is the best clinic for urological cancer treatment. They also cure and treat other prostate diseases because of their competency and experience in treatment.

Weekend Getaways

The weekend getaways include the finest collection of parks, lakes, museums, and other landmarks in the Reinickendorf area.


Find peace and tranquillity in nature by visiting these green spaces.

Tegeler Fließ

Spending time in between the beautiful flora and fauna of the Tegeler Fliß is sure to refresh any person from the stress of modern life. Here, you can find everything from rare flowers, shrubs, and trees, to nature trails and streams.

Kienhorst Park

For a pleasant time spent walking or running outdoors, playing games like basketball or football, hiking or cycling Kienhorst park is a popular destination. It is also very well connected and easy to reach through U-Bahn, S-Bahn, or buses.

Reinickendorfer Park

Enjoy the greenery and flowery scent of nature by going to Reinickendorfer Park for a walk or for spending quality time with your friends and family.

Steinberg Park

Take a day out of your busy routine in the city to enjoy the fresh air of the magnificent outdoors at Steinberg park. This park has everything from trails for cycling and hiking to an artificial waterfall to a lake.


If you are looking for a picnic spot that is quiet and calm but also not too far from residential areas, Klemkepark is perfect for you. It is a small park where usually only a few joggers and families are present and lots of leisurely activities are possible.


The lakes of Reinickendorf are visited for swimming, jogging, boat rides, sports activities, and much more.

The Tegeler See

The beautiful Tegeler See has a lot to offer with its steamboat rides and lakeside parks. Its beautiful waters radiant in the sunlight with swimming swans is truly a sight to behold.


If you are looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Klotzbecken lake with its idyllic view of the water is the most perfect location.


The Flughafensee is a beautiful lake near Tegel airport. You can enjoy walks as well as have picnics on the banks of it and truly relax.

Top attractions

The popular attractions of Reinickendorf that you can visit either for knowledge or for a fun time.

Greenwich Promenade

The Greenwich Promenade is a Maritime flair that has fun activities such as riverboating. You can also take a stroll on the beautiful lakeside. It is also the starting point for a walk into the Tegeler Forst for adventurous souls.

Buddhistisches Haus

Indulge into your spiritual side by visiting the oldest Buddist temple. The Buddhistisches Haus is also the centre of the Buddhist religion in Western Europe. There is also a library on the premises.


Best known for its magnificent garden, the Hannah-Höch-Haus has quite a history behind it. This was created by Hannah Höch who was a part of the Dada art movement. She is considered the inventor of the photo collage. The beautiful scenery of the garden was used by her as inspiration for her drawings and paintings.

Feuerwehrmuseum Berlin

Have you ever heard of a fire brigade museum? Well, now you have. The Feuerwehrmuseum Berlin is dedicated to 150 years of Berlin's fire brigade. The museum has a vast collection of ancient vehicles, calendars, photographs, magazines as well as certain equipment.

Museum Reinickendorf

he interesting Reinickendorf Museum displays the history of the old village school in Hermsdorf where it was housed. They also have various display shows highlighting, Nazi regime evidence, and pre-historic and post-historic exhibitions of the Tegel river bed.

Restaurants In Reinickendorfg

Whether going for a romantic dinner date or a big family dinner, this list has restaurants of all kinds.

Top Cafes in berlin

ASADO Reinickendorf Argentinisches Steakhaus

Satisfy your carnivorous cravings with the next-level steak of the ASADO Reinickendorf Argentinisches Steakhaus. The price, service along with amazing taste keep people coming back for more.

The MyMoon Restaurant & Lounge

The MyMoon Restaurant & Lounge is the ideal restaurant regardless of the weather outside. Because of the presence of both indoor and outdoor seating. The food and service of this place along with its appealing interior decor add to its merits.

Restaurant Dalmacija

The taste of the Croatian dishes of the Restaurant Dalmacija has made it very popular among locals. You can't miss drinking a German beer during summer while enjoying the scenic view from the terrace.

Pizzeria Ristorante Il Mulino

Enjoy the beautiful collaboration between two different cultures. Savour amazing Italian food in Pizzeria Ristorante ll Mulino served by friendly German staff.


Papadam is one of the best restaurants in Reinickendorf if you are looking for vegetarian or vegan options. The Indian cuisine along with the kind staff and the good price point make this restaurant a must-visit for us.

Cafes In Reinickendorf

It won't be wrong to say that Berliners love their coffee and cafes are a special affair.

Top Cafes in Mitte, berlin

Kaffeehaus Zeltinger

In the Kaffehaus Zeltinger, you get the premium coffee shop experience with a tasty breakfast. They also have various beverage options, impeccable service, and a cosy ambience.

La Femme Patisserie

The cafe has mouthwatering items such as the classic baklava cake, Saray Kahvaltisi, Geburtstag Kuchen, and delicious coffee. This restaurant should be pretty high up in your list of favourite cafés in Reinickendorf.

Café Wetterstein

In Café Wetterstein's small old cosy house with exposed wooden beams you can live out your country coffeehouse fantasies. There is also a wide range of selections of healthy breakfast options, cakes, and coffees in this cafe.

Cafe am See Schäfersee

The lakeside view along with delicious breakfast is what else you can ask for. The soothing ambience makes the Cafe am See Schafersee a relaxing space in the otherwise busy market.

Kiez Kaffee Kraft Prenzlauer Berg

The Quaint kiez Kaffee Kraft is everything you expect a café to be. It has great coffee, special breakfast dishes like banana bread, croissants, avocado toast, etc, and a welcoming, homely atmosphere.

To help you survive in Reinickendorf a little better, we created this guide. In addition to that to make your stay in the neighbourhood comfortable and stress-free and we hope that it has achieved this goal. This beautiful green district is a suitable location for families, working professionals, and students alike. The variety of this place has something for every kind of person.

Do you think we should add more information or have we missed your favourite cafe or any other hidden gems? Drop us a mail at hello@urbanground.de

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