Neighbourhood Guide 101: Lichtenberg

The opportunities that a new city provides are always fun and exciting but also nerve-racking. Being in a new place requires getting completely immersed in culture and place. Finding new favourite foods and discovering new favourite sights to see become a part of everyday life. In this guide, we have tried to find the best restaurants, landmarks, schools, universities, housing, travel methods, and much more to help any person who is just moving into the city.

Rummelsburg is one of the posh neighbourhoods in the Lichtenberg district. It’s a serene residential neighbourhood but if you are in the mood to party, the most happening place in the city, Friedrichshain is just a short stroll away. It is just around 3 miles away from Rummelsburg.

Rummelsburg is a popular place with lots of popular attractions to explore. There is no scarcity of green spaces with lots of leisurely parks and riverside relaxation areas being present. The power plant that provides the largest part of the energy supply for Berlin is also present in Rummelsburg.

Demography of Lichtenberg-Rummelsburg

Total population25,650
Area4.393 km²
Polulation density5,839/km2
Annual population change3.5%
Male 13,294
Age group
0-17 years4,646
18-64 years19,161
64+ years1,843


The old industrial building charm of Lichtenberg is something that attracts all kinds of tenants to this district. The Rummelsburg area is characterised by its residential apartments and well-connected areas, while in the Kaskelkiez area, you may find backyard coach houses and houses with workshops. Near the banks of the Rummelsberg See, you will find luxurious apartments with private terraces that look very refined. There are also several green spaces to relax and walk around in. In the south of the border, the bordering spree and Rummelsberg bay are ideal walking and leisure stations.

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Trams in Berlin

The Lichtenberg-Rummelsburg borough is well-connected to the entire city of Berlin by means of the trains, S-Bahn, U-Bahn, trams, and buses.

  • Subway ( U-Bahn)
    • S+U Lichtenberg Bhf - U5
    • Lichtenberger Brücke Nord - U5
    • Lichtenberger Brücke Süd - U5
  • Train (S-Bahn)
    • S Rummelsburg - S3
    • S Betriebsbahnhof Rummelsburg - S3
    • Lichtenberger Brücke Süd - S5, S7,S9, S75
  • Tram
    • Rummelsburg Str. - M17, 27, 37, 21
    • S Rummelsburg - 21
    • S+U Lichtenberg Bhf - S9, S5, S75
    • Lichtenberger Brücke Nord - 21,37
    • Lichtenberger Brücke Süd - 21,37
  • Bus
    • Rummelsburg Platz - 300
    • Rummelsburg Str. - N50, 194, 396, 296
    • S Rummelsburg - N94, N40, 194, 240
    • S Betriebsbahnhof Rummelsburg - 194
    • S+U Lichtenberg Bhf - N50, N94, 256, N50, 240
    • Lichtenberger Brücke Nord - N5, N50, N94, 240

Educational facilities

Education is taken very seriously in Berlin and there are various stages of education for a student. The first stage is kindergarten after which there is a primary school, which is followed by a secondary school. Higher education is sought after the completion of secondary school.


Student in a Kindergarten

Kindergartens are essential to accommodate young children to the schooling environment. Students generally start attending Kindergartens at the age of 3.

  • Kindergarten Hoppetosse

    Sail on the adventure ship of the Hoppetosse kindergarten where kids or little sailors can explore scientific phenomena, discover distant worlds, bring anticipatory action to life, and steer new projects.

  • CityKids Berlin-Rummelsburg

    The CityKids allow kids to develop and grow at their own pace in an age-homogeneous group. Here, two educators pay special attention to a small group of children for complete care and love towards the kids.

  • Kita Sophie's World

    With themed and functional rooms present for the various interests of kids, this kindergarten has something for every kid. Healthy food and living are also a major focus of this kindergarten.

Best schools in Lichtenberg

The school system that a child wants to attend after primary school is decided by the direction the student wants to take in his/her studies. Let's look at a few educational institutions in this district:

Schools in Lichtenberg
  • Das Sprachenatelier Berlin - Institute for languages, art, and culture

    The Das Sprachenatelier is a German language institute that provides entry and advanced German classes. 50 other foreign language courses are also taught in this institute including Mongolian, English, etc.

  • Max Taut School

    The Max Taut School is an educational facility that provides professional courses that prepare students for the future labour world. The pedagogy is continuously developed for high school diploma, vocational, and professional courses to keep up with the changing world.

Top Universities

Berlin lays great emphasis on higher education and university courses which is evident from the high-quality universities present in Berlin.

  • HTW Berlin - University of Applied Sciences

    The HTW Berlin is Berlin’s largest university for applied sciences. Currently, 14000 students are studying in 75 different departments of the applied sciences such as engineering, computer science, and economics in the university.

  • DHGS German University Of Health And Sports

    The DHGS German University Of Health and Sports is a practical learning-focused university where students can learn alongside working. Psychology, sports science, coaching, and health sciences are a few of the fields in which practical study programs are offered.

  • Catholic University Of Applied Sciences

    The fields of social work and social sciences, practical theology, and health and care are studied at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences. The Institute for Further Education and Training (IFW) and the Institute for Applied Research and International Relations are closely linked to the university.


When going to a new place knowing emergency care centres and medical clinics is essential. A few hospitals found in the Lichtenberg-Rummelsburg district are:

Rummelsberg Hospital

The Rummelsberg hospital is a specialist hospital that has 6 orthopaedic clinics in one hospital alone. It is one of the largest orthopaedic clinics in Germany.

Krankenhaus Rummelsberg

Located in Rummelsberg 71, 90592 Schwarzenbruck, the Krankenhaus Rummelsberg hospital has 4 main divisions which are- Neurology, internal medicine, geriatrics, and orthopedics.

Sana Hospital Rummelsberg

The Sana Hospital in Rummelsberg puts comfort first and provides planned and centrally coordinated admission and patient journeys. The long journeys to examination are also avoided with a single-source system.

Herzkatheter Rummelsberg

Herzkatheter Rummelsberg is a heart catheter laboratory that provides highly trained interventional cardiologists with at least 20 years of experience who are supported by equally trained and experienced staff.

Weekend Getaway

Enjoy the new city by visiting various landmarks, parks, lakes, and other such fun cities.

Parks in Lichtenberg


Landschaftspark Herzberge

Greenery, nature conservation, orchards, and sheep pastures are all found in the Landschaftspark Herzberge park in the Lichtenberg district. Several ponds and grazing sheep are the most attractive features of this park.

Lichtenberg Park

An individual can enjoy leisurely activities such as golfing, goofing around on ball courts and playgrounds, or looking at the pool in the Lichtenberg park.


The Traveplatz is located in Rummelsburg and has lots of cool cafes and ice cream shops within reach. For families with children, this is an ideal playground. Whether you want to sit in the shade, cycle around, or have a walk you can do it all in this quaint park.


Lakes & weekend getaway

Rummelsburg See

The Rummelsburg See borders Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg und Lichtenberg and various activities such as bathing, boating, sunbathing, and walking can be done in this spree.


If sandy beaches, sunbathing on beach chairs, and children's sandcastles are what you are looking for then the Lido Orankesee should be your next day out destination.


The Lemke house overlooks the Obersee and basks in the beauty of the river and the park. Many activities such as the beach volleyball courts, water slides, and even licensed fishing is allowed near the Obersee lake.

Malchower See

The Malchower See allows you to experience nature's haven. It is surrounded by nature's beauty on all sides, there is a swampy forest zone in the north, a forest with trees of Ash, maples, and poplars in the south, a meadow in the west and a park with a lawn in the southeast. Cycling, golfing, fishing, and an adventure playground for children are activities that can be enjoyed here.


Schrotkugel Tower

The SchrothKugel tower is hidden behind the charming and colourful buildings of the Kaskelkiez neighbourhood. This 40 m high tower is the last of its kind in Berlin.

Lemke House- Mies van der Rohe Haus

The Lemke House is an important contribution to the Berlin Modernist architecture by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Modern Bauhaus architecture’s key features are seen in this classic beautiful building.

Deutsch-Russisches Museum Berlin-Karlshorst

World War 2 was a very important event for the entire human race and the German-Russian museum is where the third Reich signed their official surrender on May 9, 1945. The lives of people during and after the Second World War and the German and Russian relationship from 1917 to the 1990s are explored in this museum.

Berlin Hohenschönhausen Memorial

The Darker history of Berlin's GDR can be explored through the Berlin Hohenschönhausen Memorial. A Stasi prison was originally present in this place and political prisoners were prosecuted and sent here. The museum showcases their daily life in the prison.

Central Cemetery Friedrichsfelde

Some of the most prolific Berlin personalities such as Rosa Luxembourg, Karl Liebknecht, Wilhelm, and many others were buried in Central Cemetery Friedrichsfelde. Every year in January people come to the socialist memorial in the cemetery to remember and honour the worker's movement history.

Other Attractions

Leopard in Tierpark Berlin
  • Tierpark Berlin

    The urban jungle in the former East Berlin, the Tierpark Berlin is Europe’s largest zoo. The 160 hectares area of the park is home to 8000 animals and 650 different animal species. A whole day’s event can be planned around the zoo. The events here include the rococo castle festival, Tierpark run, holiday programs, etc.

  • Theater an der Parkaue

    The largest theatre for children and younger pupils in Berlin, the Theater an der Parkaue is a popular and interesting venue. The zeal and fantasy of the children are used in 35 play performances (which are now included in the repertoire ) for various age groups.


"Nothing brings people together like good food " - this quote rings truer than ever when you go to a new place and find a restaurant that you like. These are some of our top restaurant recommendations in Lichtenberg-Rummelsburg.

  1. II Bufalo

    If you have searched for restaurants in the Lichtenberg area, you would have probably come across the highly loved and revered II Bufalo restaurant. The restaurant has everything from Italian hospitality to cheap prices and amazing food.

  2. Restaurants in Lichtenberg-Rummeleberg
  3. Hafenküche Berlin

    The Hafenküche restaurant is located near the Spree river and its terrace view along with boat rentals and beautiful picnic baskets make for an amazing and memorable family dinner. If the weather isn’t favourable, you can warm up near the fireplace and enjoy a cosy time.

  4. Marco Polo Uno

    Get a taste of Italy in Berlin by visiting the Marco Polo Uno restaurant which offers the “true Italian moments” experience.

  5. Coco's Asia & Sushi

    If you visit Rummelsberg, you have to try the mouthwatering sushi and kama at Coco’s Asia & Sushi restaurant. The cosy atmosphere and good service make it one of the best Asian restaurants in Lichtenberg.

  6. Balthazar Spreeufer 2

    Seeing the classy ambience and the amazingly delicious European food of the restaurant you would not expect it to be so cheap. But it is! Add to this the fantastic service and you are set for the most fantastic restaurant experience.

  7. Indisches Restaurant Maharadscha

    Enjoy the rich flavours and colours of India with its food and beverages in the highly admired Indisches Restaurant Maharadscha. Don’t forget to invite your vegetarian family and friends as this restaurant has a lot of options for them too.

  8. Pizzeria Ledi

    A little gem of a restaurant that serves delectable Italian food which includes a variety of pizza and pasta. The friendly staff and good atmosphere are other praiseworthy features of this restaurant.


A cup of coffee is almost essential in modern life. Find the best car in Lichtenberg-Rummelsburg here:

Cafes in Lichtenberg-Rummelsberg
  1. Nadia und Kosta

    Nadia und Kosta is a cosy and welcoming cafe that provides a variety of delicious cakes, beverages, and sweets. The Nölndnerplatz station is also close to this cafe.

  2. Herman Schulz Café-Bar

    If fun and quirky retro bar are what you are looking for, The Herman Schulz Café-Bar is definitely worth paying a visit. The homely atmosphere and fresh cakes will surely win anyone’s heart.

  3. Neumanns Cafe

    Neumanns cafe is a local, minimalistic coffee shop that serves inviting breakfast options such as croissants, vegan carrot cake, cinnamon rolls, and an array of various coffees.

  4. Madeleine und der Seemann

    The Madeleine und der Seemann cafe is a vegan or lactose intolerant person’s dream as they serve so many kinds of vegan soft ice cream, cakes, and much more. The quirky design of the cafe creates a statement of its own.

  5. Cooquin Cafè

    If you are looking for a cafe that is different from any other cafe, the Vietnamese-style Cooquin Cafè is something to check out. There are different Vietnamese coffees and ice tea served here which is difficult to find anywhere else in Berlin.

More than half of the stress about moving into a new city comes from the fact that we don’t know the place very well. The knowledge about housing, transportation, restaurants, cafes, landmark places, etc can help significantly in reducing this stress. This is one of the primary reasons why we have provided you with this guide with our top recommendations in various categories in the Lichtenburg-Rummelsburg neighbourhood.

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