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Studio Apartments for rent in Berlin.


Frequently Asked Questions: Renting 1-Room Studio apartments in Berlin

Renting an apartment is faster than you can pronounce Wohnungsgeberbestätigung with UrbanGround.

  • 360 degree virtual video tours
  • Flexible length of stay - up to 60 months
  • Book online and pay with credit card, Stripe or via bank transfer
  • Absolutely no additional charges or hidden fees

The cost of renting apartments in Berlin Germany depends on various factors, such as location, size, and whether it is furnished or unfurnished. However, monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment on average ranges from €500 to €1000

Generally, studio apartments are cheaper than full apartments in Berlin. The average monthly rent for a studio apartment in Berlin is €880, while the average rent for a two-room apartment is €1147.

Urban Ground recommends one person per studio as they are designed for single occupancy. However, in special cases, two occupants / a couple may be considered after discussing the specific circumstances and the suitability of the studio for two people.

When it comes to renting a good-sized studio apartment in Berlin, a size of around 25-30 square meters is ideal if you're on your own. But if there are two of you, it's better to aim for 35-40 square meters.

Finding a studio for rent in Berlin can be tricky because Berlin is a popular and busy city. Many people want to live here, so there's a lot of competition for apartments. Additionally, the city has rules about renting, which can make it a bit complicated. But with Urban Ground, finding a studio that suits your needs is hassle-free.

The average rent for studio apartments in Berlin starts from €880.

It is no secret that rental brokerages are on the higher sides in Berlin. High commission and brokerage can disrupt your whole moving-out budget. We at Urban Ground understand this and don’t charge any rental commission or brokerage. We are not agents or aggregators and all the properties listed on the website are exclusively managed by us.

Typically landlords and agents in Berlin ask for SCHUFA (German financial credit history) from the tenants. This makes it difficult for a first-time expat to rent a long-term apartment in Berlin. Urban Ground has a solution for this, we accept non-German financial history. You can book your apartment for rent in Berlin through Urban Ground without a German credit history.

You can rent an apartment in Berlin online through Urban Ground. Property hunting is a grueling task, save yourself from all the physical labor. We provide a 360-degree virtual tour of the apartments that guides you through the entire apartment from start to finish. Our whole renting process is online. Choose the apartment you like, upload the documents, sign the contract, pay in advance and the apartment is yours.

Cold rent includes just the basic rent of the apartments in Berlin, it doesn’t include any extra cost. Warm rent includes the basic rent of the apartment and utility costs. Utility costs include hot water, cold water, heating, waste disposal, recycling, trash pick up, snow removal, common area electricity, elevator, concierge (if any) and other such costs.

German tenancy laws allow foreigners to rent an apartment in Berlin. There is certain documentation and paperwork that is required that can vary from landlord to landlord. This paperwork can get a little hectic and tricky for first-time renters. Urban Ground has digitized the whole rental process to make it easier for foreigners to get an apartment for rent in Berlin.

In Germany, people typically rent rather than buy. Renting in Germany means you have more freedom - as well as less risk. Rentals are often cheaper than owning property. Rentals are generally available for a shorter term which makes them ideal for those looking for something temporary that won't cause too much disruption to their lives and finances.

Berlin is one of the friendliest cities in Germany, or even in Europe. The people from Berlin are known for their hospitality and love for life- it's a very social city with a thriving cultural scene that offers something for everyone. It can bring many benefits, such as being more accepted by society, being able to better relate with others, and having a more fulfilling social life.

You can rent a studio in Berlin by checking out online portals such as Urban Ground. Range of studio apartments available in Berlin ideal for single or couple occupancy.

Studio apartments will generally have a single room, open kitchen and bathroom with premium fittings. Rent studios in Berlin with fitted modular kitchens, wardrobes, sofa, bed, washing machines, refrigerators, and other necessary equipment pre-installed.

Discount is applicable only for online booking and on the first month's rent.

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