Frequently asked questions

The process is quite simple and works as follows:

  • YOU choose a suitable property from the list of  available properties
  • YOU book it online  by paying 100€ OR Schedule a Visit
  • YOU submit the  necessary documents
  • WE will process your documents and send you a digital bilingual contract
  • YOU sign the contract digitally and transfer the security deposit
  • WE will handover the apartment on a mutually agreed date and assist YOU with amenities
  • YOU can move in and start your life in Berlin.

Please fill-in your preferences at Property Alerts form and we will revert to you with a list of suitable apartments at the earliest possible

The list of documents are as follows and these can be mailed to docs@urbanground.de

  • Passport Copy
  • Visa / Work-permit (non-EU citizen)
  • Employment Contract
  • Latest 3 payslips from your current or previous employment
  • SCHUFA is mandatory if you have been living in Germany for more than 6 months.
  • Rent-free certificate is mandatory if you have been living in Germany for more than 6 months.
  • Bank statements are only required if the person has not lived in Germany for more than six months and SCHUFA is not available.
  • Tax returns of previous year (Freelancer or Self-Employed)


  • Passport Copy
  • Visa (non-EU citizen)
  • Admission letter
  • Blocked account details along with Parental Guarantee
  • Rent-free certificate is mandatory if you have been living in Germany for more than 6 months.
Note: We also accept credit history from your country of origin
To make an appointment for a viewing, please use the contact form or call us at +49-3030808161/62

We have 2 types of apartments: Shared Apartment and Full Apartment

Shared Apartment: Communal Living - A furnished room in an apartment with common amenities shared with other tenants

Full Apartment: Private living - Rent the whole apartment for yourself

Preferably No, however please contact us at hello@urbanground.de or +49 30 30808161/62 with specific details

Different Rental Components are as follows:

  • Cold Rent: Amount of money that is expected to pay to the landlord
  • Betriebs & Neben Cost
  • Warm Rent: Cold Rent + Betriebs & Neben Cost
  • Electricity, Internet, Gas, etc., : You are expected to sign-up a contract with respective service providers and pay as per contract
  • All-Inclusive Rent (Pauschalmiete): This includes Cold Rent, Betriebs+Neben, Electricity and Internet Cost

Operating costs

All costs incurred by the landowner through the intended use of the building, its installations and equipment shall be counted as operating costs. In general, the following operating costs fall under Betriebs & Neben Costs in addition to the cold rent:

  • Property tax:  It is levied by the respective municipality. In rental contracts it is partly shown as public encumbrances of the property.
  • Water costs:  This includes the costs for consumption of water, maintenance & installation of water meter or the costs of a water treatment plant.
  • Waste water:  Fees for the use of a public drainage system, sewage treatment or seepage pit & the costs of sewage removal and cleaning.
  • Elevator:  For operations & maintenance for apartments with elevators
  • Street cleaning and garbage collection
  • Cleaning of common areas & pest control
  • Common area garden maintenance
  • Power supply for common areas like staircase & outdoor lighting
  • Chimney cleaning
  • Property insurance:  The costs of building insurance against storm, water, fire and natural hazards and elevators.
  • Property Manager:  Personnel costs for the caretaker.
  • Other costs:  This includes costs that may be incurred in exceptional cases, such as staircase heating, sauna, smoke detector maintenance or gutter cleaning.
  • Cost of electricity & internet for the individual apartment is not included under the operating costs unless it is explicitly stated in the rental contract

Computation of operating costs:

In principle, operating costs are apportioned according to the ratio of the living space of the building. Operating costs are invoiced once every calendar year such that the tenants do not have to pay a large amount at the end of each year.

Based on the Rental contract, you need to pay either ‘Warm Rent’ or ‘All-Inclusive Rent (Pauschalmiete)’

No, the modes of payment are Credit Card and Bank Transfer


All our rental contracts are 100% compliant with the German tenancy laws. The deposit will be refunded as per section § 548 BGB of the German civil code. Legally, a landlord is allowed to hold the deposit until 6 months of the tenant handing back the apartment.

We at Urban Ground are dependent on various vendors to provide us with the invoices. We understand that it is very hard for the tenant to await 6 months. If there are no major damages caused by the tenant to the apartment, we strive to refund the deposit within 6-8 weeks of the tenant's move out.

Tenant is expected to pay the rent in advance by 3rd working day of the Month ( Ex: You should pay August Month’s rent by 3rd of August). Urban Ground will send a friendly reminder every month.

A 7% of total rent is levied as VAT, if the duration of the lease is less than 6 months

We have all types of apartments (Fully Furnished, Semi Furnished and Un-Furnished). Please check the details of specific apartment for more details.

Yes, Pets are allowed in specific apartments (not all). Please check the details of the respective apartment.

If you own a pet, yes it is mandatory.

We are glad to offer the Book-Online Facility and the process works as follows:

  • Book the Apartment: Take Virtual Tour and book the apartment by paying 100€. Booking amount of 100€ will be adjusted on 1st month rent
  • Document Upload: Upon Successful booking, Upload the necessary documents.
  • Evaluation: Our Team will evaluate the documents and on-board you in 1 or 2 Business Days.
  • Rental Contract: We will share the Digital Rental contract.
  • Payment: You transfer Security Deposit
  • Handover: We will handover the Apartment on a mutually agreed date


7% of total rent is levied as VAT, if the duration is less than 6 months
You will receive the details, Payment information, etc., on the e-mail that’s used for booking.

We have professionally shot pictures and Virtual Tour for all apartments. We recommend you to go through the same and book it online to avail 50 € discount on 1st month Rent. However, if you still wish to visit, please fill in the Schedule Visit form on Property details page and we will arrange for a visit.

Urban Ground absorbs the service charges. What you see is what you pay!

We work on a first-come-first-serve basis. On booking the apartment online, the apartment is reserved for you for the next 24 hours. After the 24 hour period, the reservation is released. We hence urge you to keep all the documents handy & share with us immediately such that you can secure your home within the 24 hour period.

Yes, if you decide to cancel the booking with-in 24hrs of the booking

Please get in touch with us at +49 30 30808161/62 or hello@urbanground.de with-in 24hrs with a cancellation request

We process it in 1-2 business days from our end, however the credit may take 5-7 days based on the mode of original payment

Yes, but before the contract signature and subjected to availability, at the discretion of Urban Ground. Post the signature, contractual terms would apply

Yes, We confirm according to §19(3) Bundesmeldegesetz for the registration and the same will be issues post move-in and handover document signature

No, They are extra and needs to be paid directly by the tenant

We take your health and safety very seriously. A professional cleaning takes place after every tenant to ensure your new home is sparkling clean before you move-in

Yes, the following cleaning charges will be applicable post move-out:

  • Private Room: 185€
  • Studio: 185€
  • 2 room Apartment: 270€
  • 3 room Apartment: 350€

As per German Legislation, the landlord can hold the deposit until 6 months

We deduct the cleaning fee, the cost of damages (if any) and return the balance

Discount is applicable only for online booking and on the first month's rent.

Urban Ground