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We help prospective Tenants from across the world to settle down in Berlin faster

We are neither a classified portal nor charge any commission

We have hundreds of apartments in Germany( Berlin, Frankfurt am Main) that are managed and exclusively operated by Urban Ground GmbH. This number is growing at a rapid pace and we will soon be venturing into other cities in Europe.

We have a diverse tenant base from over ~80 countries and we ease the entire process through Virtual Tours, On-line Bookings, considering Non-German financial history and Bi-lingual Rental contracts besides assisting in amenities such as Electricity, Internet, etc.


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Our journey - How it all started

It all began in 2017, when our founder Praneel relocated to Berlin from India. It was a humongous task to hunt a place in Berlin, that he can call home. After a lifetime spent in queues waiting for his turn to view the apartments, he found it uncomfortable to make peace with his home hunting experience.

  • Why can’t we make the whole home hunting process a bit simpler and much more delightful?
  • Why should one kill the excitement of moving to a new place as an expat? Renting a home in Berlin was like searching for an oasis in the desert.
  • And so in 2017 he decided to challenge the status quo and started working on a concept that can help people to find rental apartments in Germany without the hassles of endless viewing queues, and myriad documents and to make it worse a contract in German language only.
Behold! Urban Ground was born!
As long journey of miles and miles, but that one small step was already taken.
  • We are as multicultural and multilingual as the World itself. What does that mean? We offer contracts in different languages (German and English to start with) and that’s the first tick.

  • We understand how tiring and annoying apartment hunting can be. To resolve this problem we enable the prospects to have a virtual tour of the apartments in Germany and video calls too if required.

  • Lastly, German credit history was a problem and we tackled by accepting the equivalent documents from the country of origin or the home country.

  • Urban Ground helps you with things like internet, electricity, insurance, etc., as running around for these is quite a task

We make it happen, with the help of these wonderful people



Ensuring that the ship is sailing in the right direction & at optimal speed



Finding, analysing and acquiring more homes for our tenants



Drives the strategy and implementation of our platform along with other integrated tools



Senior Operations Manager - Coordinates with tenants, property management, channel partners, etc., to ensure smooth functioning



He takes on complex dev challenges with a cool head that keeps our project running smoothly



Credits to this guy for all the designs you see on our website, who believes in keeping it simple but significant



In charge of ensuring our web services are always up and running



Tirelessly works with Kumar to provide the best online experience to our users



Helps in expanding our inventory, so that our tenants never fell short of housing options



Secures customers’ trust by assisting them throughout the whole process



She makes sure that everyone has what they need and deals with any problem that shows up



The man responsible for the eyeballs we grab on the internet. He helps us reach out to prospective tenants through various channels

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